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Apr 23

April 23, 2014

Ready to party? You’d better be, because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that. It might not be a bad idea to double up on those vitamins. Right now.

Compatibility: Leo
Mood: Social
Color: Shadow Black
Lucky Number: 41
Lucky Time of Day: 6 AM

Apr 22


If you’re single, be prepared for that to change — and soon. You’re due to meet someone just as fiery and outgoing as yourself. If you’re attached, expect a new friend. A good friend.

Compatibility: Sagittarius
Mood: Hopeful
Color: Rose Pink
Lucky Number: 24
Lucky Time of Day: 4 PM

Apr 22
Apr 21
Apr 21
Apr 21
Apr 21
Apr 21


A new start is en route at work — but whether it’s of a personal or businesslike nature is up for grabs. Either way, after a bit of a power struggle, things certainly do look rosy.

Compatibility: Taurus
Mood: Busy
Color: Rose Pink
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Time of Day: 8 PM

Apr 20


This will be one of those ‘interesting’ days. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be unpleasant, but you might want to have Plan B set to go, just in case.

Compatibility: Cancer
Mood: Pleasant
Color: Sky Blue
Lucky Number: 72
Lucky Time of Day: 10 PM

Apr 20